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Behold, now is the accepted time; 

behold, now is the day of salvation.

2 Corinthians 6:2

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About Going Home Soon Ministries®



Have you looked around at our sinful world lately and wondered: How long, Lord Jesus?

I have! Brothers and Sisters, we are not needing to wait for the world to get worse, are we? 

So why are we still here?

Why? Because we have work to do in reaching others for God’s Kingdom, that’s why! 

*I* have work to do in reaching those in my sphere of influence. Now is the time to pray for boldness and let God use us!

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Going Home© 

He Knows My Way© 

Is There Anything Too Hard?© 

When told my husband had only a 50% chance of surviving the day, immediately the verse “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” came into my mind in song and I spent the next two months praising the Lord up and down 4 floors and the ER of a local hospital with the words God gave me—while my husband proved them wrong over and over! Is there anything too hard?

Gently Lead My Lambs, Lord© 

Our children are our first and most dear mission field. Open their eyes to Your love, Lord Jesus!


See others there you invited to come!

Watchman On the Wall© 

Time to give the Three Angels Messages! The day is coming, and also the night.

Put On the Armor© 

Take the Sword which is the Word of God!

Pour Out Your Spirit© 

Shake us and wake us, Lord!

Great I AM© 



Going Home Soon Ministries® is a gift from God, in the time since my husband’s death, to share in these last moments of earth’s history. Every song was given to me by my Father, both the music and the words—one at a time or at the same time, either immediately, or over days, weeks, or months, often by impressing me which scripture to use. I give all the glory to God!

 Thank you for considering this introduction and contacting the references to bring this inspirational presentation to your field of labor. 

- Ethel Price

 WATCH Going Home Soon © presentation at: and click on media tab. (Copy/paste URL if link is not live.)

Watch for new programs coming soon!